Tropical Rhythms With Rock Undertones!


Ultima Nota fuses tropical rhythms with bossa nova and rock undertones. This versatile five piece band can adapt to your event's needs; from providing ambient music at a dinner banquet, such as boleros and Cuban son, to getting a crowd on its feet dancing to salsa, cumbia and merengue. We can also do cocktail hours, weddings, private and corporate events, etc.

Our repertoire includes songs from Buena Vista Social Club to Santana and from Old School Salsa to Bob Marley with a tropical twist.


Cumbia Sample

Tropical Sample

Salsa Sample

Bolero Sample

Bolero Sample

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For more information or to book UltimaNota please contact Tony Arreaza at:
Phone: 704-458-8072
E-mail: tony@carlotantalents.com

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