UltimaNota fuses new with old, English with Spanish, and tropical rhythms with pop to create a fresh and modern sound unlike anything else in the Charlotte area. This versatile five piece was founded in 2010 with members from Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and El Salvador.With a repertoire that spans from Buena Vista Social Club to Bob Marley to Hector Lavoe, UltimaNota can adapt to all of your entertainment needs — from soft and mellow cocktail music at a formal gala to a high-energy dance set at a major festival. We have experience working with non-profit groups, educational institutions, corporations and private individuals and promise to make your next event unforgettable

Next Shows

May 9, 2015 @ Private Event
May 16, 2015 @ A Piece of Havana Charlotte, NC 6pm
May 22, 2015 @ 1900 Mexican Grill Charlotte, NC 6pm
May 23, 2015 @ A Piece of Havana Charlotte, NC 6pm
June 20, 2015 @ A Piece of Havana Charlotte, NC 6pm

July 11, 2015 @ Private Event
July 12, 2015 @ Colombian Festival Charlotte, NC 2pm
July 17, 2015 @ Kannapolis Parks & Recreation  Kannapolis , NC 7pm
July 24, 2015 @ A Piece of Havana Charlotte, NC 6pm
Aug. 7, 2015 @ Private Event
Sept. 25, 2015 @ The Evening Muse Charlotte, NC 10:30pm
Oct. 4, 2015 @ Latin American Festival Charleston, SC 2pm

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OMG guys I cannot thank you enough for the amazing time we had at the wedding, making my sister and brother in law enjoy soooo much all night! and all thanks to you! You guys are incredibly talented! Keep up the good work! Tony Arreaza – UltimaNota
Lissette Kron 01/10/15

Tony’s band is top notch, professional, and I highly recommend them to anyone. If you are looking for a Latin band that can play different style of music, don’t look further, UltimaNota is the perfect choice.
Tom Price 10/12/13 

I want to personally thank you for your performance at the Latino Business Leaders Holiday Party.  It was everything we were looking for lively, upbeat, versatile and fun. I had a ton of wonderful comments from people as they were leaving at the end of the gala.  I won’t hesitate to recommend the UltimaNota Band to my fellow colleagues, and everyone at FUSION Latino Marketing Solutions thanks you and wishes you all the best.
Ron Stamey • WNC Agricultural Center 12/20/13

Thank you so much to UltimaNota to make our weeding so special, everybody is talking about how AMAZING was the band; I LOVED the cocktail hour and La Hora Loca!
Maria Angel Rodriguez 4/22/12